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Sterile instruments and clean equipment are a matter of course in a professional dental practice. Nevertheless, we would like to take a closer look at sterilization. First of all, we distinguish between disinfection and sterilization.

Not all instruments in a dental office need to be sterilized. Medical devices that only come into contact with skin should be carefully disinfected after treatment.

In professional practice, this disinfection is done by machine in the thermal disinfector. The disinfection, that is, the killing of all pathogenic germs, is alkaline. Of course, the thermodisinfector is validated in our practice and is serviced annually.


Sterilization is a much more extensive procedure that can be used when surgical, periodontal or endodontic procedures are performed on the patient. Instruments or equipment used in this case belongs to the category “critical A”.

Here it is not enough to heat the instruments in the thermal disinfector at 93 ° C to kill pathogenic bacteria. The sterilization takes place in the so-called autoclave.

Sterilization is about destroying all forms of microbial life with the goal of absolute sterility. We are talking here about a sterility security value of 10-6. The theoretical probability that a living organism can be found on an instrument after sterilization must be less than one in a million. Each run must be digitally documented.


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