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Our dentist in Islamabad takes your dental health seriously. we set different priorities in dental treatment. Through our dental clinic, we also offer the highest quality dentures, through the optimal cooperation of dentists and dental technicians.

In the field of implantology and oral and maxillofacial surgery, dentists in our dental clinic in Islamabad are recognized as great experts. We use everything that modern dentistry has to offer – dental implants! Each patient is treated individually and we respect all his wishes. Today’s modern dentistry allows everyone a beautiful smile.

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Root Canal Treatment in Islamabad Cost & FAQ's

Root canal treatment in Islamabad, also called “root canal” is the name of a dental procedure which aims to save an extremely damaged or infected tooth. The team at SJ Dental Clinic, we strive to dispel myths and offering a variety of dental services to preserve your natural teeth.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment in Islamabad offered at SJ Dental Clinic is a dental procedure used to remove the inflamed or infected pulp from inside the tooth. It is the tissue that houses blood vessels, nerves as well as connective tissues. If it is infected or damaged by cracks, deep cavities or trauma an intervention to the root canal becomes required.

When Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

Treatment for root canals is necessary in the SJ Dental Clinic SJ Dental Clinic if:

  • The tooth’s pulp may be affected or inflamed.
  • A toothache can be severe particularly when chewing and applying pressure.
  • The tooth is sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures.
  • Tenderness or swelling around the tooth that is affected evident.

The Procedure Step by Step at SJ Dental Clinic


Before treatment during the actual treatment at SJ Dental Clinic, our skilled team will perform an extensive examination, with X-rays, in order to assess the severity of the infection or damage.

Local Anesthesia

To make sure you are comfortable To ensure your comfort, our experienced dentists apply local anesthesia to numb the area affected.

Removing the Infected Pulp

In the SJ Dental Clinic, our dentists will get access to the pulp chamber to clean the affected or inflamed pulp, as well as clean teeth’s interior.

Cleaning and Shaping

They are then cleaned and shaped and disinfected in preparation to be filled with filling material.

Filling the Root Canal

The clean canals are then lined with biocompatible materials that is usually gutta percha to seal the canal.

Sealing the Tooth

In the SJ Dental Clinic, the tooth’s access opening is sealed and a crown, also known as a crown be placed in order to protect and improve the function of the tooth.

What to Expect After the Procedure?

Following a root canal treatment in the SJ Dental Clinic, you may feel discomfort for a couple of days, however this can be controlled by taking painkillers that are available over the counter. The tooth might be slightly sensitive for a short time but this will pass and should get better with time.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment at SJ Dental Clinic

The treatment of root canals in the SJ Dental Clinic offers several benefits, such as:

  • Save your natural tooth
  • Reducing pain and discomfort
  • Restoring chewing habits and biting
  • Maintaining your smile’s look

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Contrary to popular opinion the root canal procedure in SJ Dental Clinic isn’t painful. Utilizing the latest methods and anesthesia available, our patients feel very little discomfort during the procedure.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The length for a root canal procedure within SJ Dental Clinic varies depending on the location of the tooth and its the complexity. In general, the procedure can be completed in just one ou two trips to the dental clinic.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment at SJ Dental Clinic

The price of a root canal procedure within SJ Dental Clinic can vary dependent on factors like the location of the tooth, dentist’s expertise, and the necessity for a restoration. We suggest consulting our team to get an accurate estimation.

Choosing SJ Dental Clinic for Root Canal Treatment

The choice of SJ Dental Clinic for your root canal procedure is vital. Our team is comprised of highly experienced and reliable dentists located in Islamabad that specialize in endodontics to provide the highest level of treatment for your dental needs.

Common Myths About Root Canals

In SJ Dental Clinic, we strive to dispel common misconceptions regarding root canal treatments like the notion that root canals are incredibly painful, that pulling the tooth is the best option and root canals can cause disease.

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Our team of best dentists in Islamabad at SJ Dental Hospital consists of young, highly professional who have completed special training in dentistry. For a smooth process, all work must be well coordinated. In this respect there are no “unimportant” works. For this reason, specialized staff are available at the SJ Dental Hospital for the respective areas.

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